We currently do not accept unsolicited grant applications

The Steele Family Foundation selects its causes and charities with careful analysis and due diligence. We look for efficient and effective charities who maintain honesty and integrity, while achieving positive results.

The Steele Family Foundation operates internationally. We have donated towards many international development causes. Our recent project involves building a school in an impoverished region of India.

Donations allow us to allocate funds towards the most important causes, however, if donors have specific wishes on how the funds should be used, we respect those wishes. More information about this can be found by clicking here.

Currently the foundation is unable to receive these kinds of donations. Donations made online or by email transfer are still being accepted.

Online donations will receive charitable tax receipts via email. Email money transfers or cheques over $20 CAD will receive a charitable tax receipt as well.

The foundation does not have any political affiliations, and wishes to remain accessible to everyone.

Yes, the foundation is registered with the CRA. The foundation is considered a registered charity. Our charitable registration number is 829322767RR0001.

The foundation is not limited to only international endeavours. It regularly sends donations to many organizations that work in local communities within Canada, to improve the quality of life of many Canadians. 

The foundation temporarily halted our operations in other countries to reduce health risk and manage the crisis. The foundation hopes to resume its efforts as soon as possible

We hope to be able to ensure access to education across the globe. Many of our projects like the Sacred Trust Project in India, are focused toward this goal and help create the infrastructure to help support impoverished communities.

We believe that while there are many equally pressing issues, lack of access to education is one of the most urgent and solvable problems. We believe education improves quality of life and helps lift people out of poverty.

The foundation seeks to assist in providing basic humanitarian services and improve access to education around the world. We believe that everyone should have these essential services, regardless of where they live.

The foundation was officially registered on June 29, 2007. It was started by the Steele family to encourage and continue giving back to the community and help those who are disadvantaged.

Please feel free to contact us using the contact form on our website. We will try and get back to you as soon as possible.