The Story

The Sacred Trust Project is an international development project to build an elementary school for children in need of an education. It was introduced to the Steele family in the winter of 2013 when Jennifer Steele was making an annual donation to the Missionaries of Charity (founded by Mother Theresa). One of the sisters explained that Sacred Trust (a public charitable trust registered under the laws of India) had a great cause to support and was in need of the funds because the school project had run out of money before it could be completed.

Michael Steele and Jennifer Steele with the Missionaries of Charity, located at Dunn Avenue in Toronto, Canada


Following Michael Steele’s trip to visit Sacred Trust in India during the Spring of 2014, The Steele Family Foundation added the following mission to its charitable purpose:

“To create sustainable education for disadvantaged children and youth by constructing, equipping, staffing, maintaining and operating schools or other educational facilities.”

Father Peri, founder of the Sacred Trust charity in India, with Michael Steele, President and Director of The Steele Family Foundation

There was a unique opportunity to be had with this land, so together with Sacred Trust, the Foundation plans to fund the construction of a 3-storey school in the village of Mathigiri, located in an impoverished area of Tamil Nadu, South India. Most of the people of Mathigiri and surrounding areas are unemployed or work as daily labourers, and there is no school in this area currently. The proposed school in Mathigiri will benefit approximately 1500 rural poor children.

Artist rendering of the completed 3-storey school