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5 Ways You Can Help the Homeless in Your Community

While the effects of the pandemic have left nearly everyone reeling with the consequences, those experiencing homelessness have had it the worst. Due to the nature of homelessness, homeless people’s health is typically compromised and such homeless people may be more vulnerable to infectious diseases like COVID-19. Furthermore, the pandemic has made poverty and homelessness worse…

It is estimated the number of homeless people globally has climbed to 150 million.

With the pandemic pushing more people into poverty and homelessness, here are 5 ideas for how you can help the homeless in your community.

1. Volunteer

One of the most effective ways to directly help the homeless is to volunteer at places dedicated to providing services to homeless people.

By giving up your time to work at soup kitchens and shelters, you help provide services and hospitality to homeless people. Shelters for homeless people are dependent on the work of volunteers, who help assist staff. Soup kitchens are places where volunteers help prepare and serve food to homeless people. By volunteering at one, you help provide nourishment to homeless people.

2. Donate clean clothing and food

Homeless people typically do not have access to free laundry services. By donating clean clothing, you provide homeless people with a way to appear more presentable and improve their hygiene. A major barrier to employment for homeless people is their appearance. Donating clean clothing goes a long way to helping them land a job. Typically the most requested clothing items are socks and underwear since those are the pieces of clothing that become unhygienic quickly.

Food insecurity is a major concern for homeless people. Donating non-perishable food items to shelters and soup kitchens helps them provide food and services to homeless people. Your donation of food can help provide nutrition and ensure a meal for those experiencing homelessness.

3. Help promote shelters in your city

Many homeless people sometimes do not know of the resources available to them. Many homeless people do not own smartphones that can help direct them to the proper places. Help spread information and directions to homeless people. You can do so by directing homeless people you meet to the nearest shelters.

By doing so you provide someone with a place to stay, at no cost to you.

4. Spread Awareness

Helping spread awareness about homelessness and its detrimental effects on mental and physical wellbeing helps encourage others to help homeless people. Instilling empathy and kindness towards homeless people is key to raising public awareness of issues surrounding homelessness.

Promoting awareness of homeless issues helps to drive policy changes that will help reduce homelessness. It also helps change attitudes surrounding homeless people and helps people see them as other human beings.

5. Donate to nonprofit organizations that offer services to the homelessness

Donations to organizations that provide services to homeless people are one of the most effective and direct ways to offer your help. Your donations can help improve the quality of services and the number of people serviced. By donating, you contribute to reducing homelessness and help provide someone with essential services.

Even practicing only some of these suggestions listed above, you do a great service to your community and help fight homelessness.

We hope every person reading this blog brings positive change to their local communities.