Over 300 Children Began Their First Day at Our School.


Mike and I are very delighted to share the Blessing/Opening of the first phase of St Xavier’s Academy as of June 2019. It’s been amazing school year! Over 300 children in one of India’s most rural and improvised regions headed to the classrooms for the first time-an opportunity many of their parents never experienced.

In many cases, school programs are not available or parents just don’t have the time to take their kids to school because they are working on farms. With the help from our generous donors we have been able to accomplish so much.

Improving the lives of vulnerable and underprivileged people and increasing access to education to help break the cycle of poverty are mine and Michael’s main objectives.

On our last visit we interviewed six incredibly qualified teachers that came from the North. Went over rules/ regulations/SOPS and created a Board of Trustees to have ongoing monthly meetings.

Currently, we have 120 students enrolled which will be increasing next school term. We have also purchased a school bus & have hired a qualified bus driver. We have Advisory Team along with Grant Thorton working together on the ground to make sure all protocols are followed.

We are now seeking some support towards ongoing operations and daily food programs at the school. We estimate we will need a total of $150,000 for 2020 for operations to help cover:

-Athletic equipment

-New library equipment

-6 new computer lab stations

-Musical instruments

Renovations of the adjacent community center for use of arts & music studio to be incorporated as part of the school curriculum.

Mike & I are funding $50,000 of this ourselves, hence any interim donations we can rely on would be MOST welcome.